Official Start to Race Season

Tomorrow is the Platte River Half Marathon and it will be the second time I’ve run it.  Last year was just to prove to myself that I could do it; I had no idea I’d actually enjoy it!  The warnings that I had been given about endurance running being addictive were true.  I still am in shock that I’m actually running this far.  Until late 2007, the longest I’d ever run was 3 miles and that wasn’t fully by choice but more a requirement of practice for track or soccer.  As far as I was concerned , anything past 300m was cruel and unusual punishment, with my preferred method to cover the distance being a bicycle or car rather than my feet.  Fast forward to now and my metal outlook has changed to where a nice easy six miles in the morning seems like a good idea – wait, what?!  Yes, I did actually use nice, easy, and six miles in the same sentence.  Not only is six miles enjoyable, but I’ve really grown to love the long runs on the weekend either solo, with Hillary (really rare and fun) or with the whole family via pushing the kids in our chariot.  I figure going for a two to three hour run is a much better use of my time than watching others run around a field with tons of commercials while I sit on a couch.

Back to this weekend – I have way more butterflies this time than I did last time.  I think partially because I actually know what I’m getting into, partially because I could surprise myself with my pace (yet I don’t want to set my hopes too high and be bummed), and largely because I get to run it with Hillary and I know a few of our friends will be along the course to cheer us on.  I am a bit tentative though as I had several setbacks that drastically reduced the number of long runs I got in and also because I want to hold off Hill for at least one last race (she says she still can’t beat me, but I think she can – if not now, very soon).

Make that major butterflies in effect, and I am also feeling like I have some allergies starting to get a hold of me.  Can you say snot rockets?

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