With some things I have learned a great deal of patience, with others not so much.  In the area of physical exercise, I have nearly zero patience; not absolute zero as I have learned some after multiple ankle sprains that took months to heal, destroying my right shoulder in intramural “touch” football and then blowing out my right knee with a nice triad (ACL full rupture, MCL partial, tear of both meniscus) while playing soccer.  I am however still a good bit of a Chester to Spike (with Spike being whoever or whatever is acting as voice of reason)
Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier, from a Warner Brothers cartoon featuring these characters.
Huh, huh, Spike? – can I go run, can I, can I Spike?!

I’m currently in that near zero patience area as I managed to sprain my knee, or something, during my last soccer game on Tuesday.  With five minutes left in the game I was sprinting towards our goal running down a guy trying to get a breakaway ( I play sweeper most of the time – the last guy before the keeper).  I caught him and then ran next to him and in standard fashion, timed a kick to knock the ball away and neutralize the threat (no sliding in our co-ed league).  This time however, after kicking the ball away to the right with the outside of my right foot, my knee had shooting pain right as I planted my foot.  Yep, same knee that I had the ACL on, the one that is finally back to full 100% strength without any hesitation mentally or physically…. oh joy.

Now several days later it is feeling a lot better, the thoughts that I blew it again and/or I may never run again are starting to subside to relative comfort that it was a minor sprain of some sort.  I  still want to figure out how the heck I injured myself to try to avoid a repeat, but now I’m seriously itching to get back out running.  Cycling doesn’t bother the knee luckily, so I have at least been able to exercise, that however hasn’t stopped me from testing out the knee every now and then for a little ~20-50ft “jog” (yea, I’m stubborn and can be a slow learner, even if I know better).

Today’s jog was more of an accident than anything else.  I was crossing the street and a car was coming a bit quicker than I was comfortable with so I picked up my walk to a jog without even thinking about it.  When I got across the street, I realized that I had just semi-run; like an actual run without a major limp, hobble, or anything!  There were still some sore spots, so it will be a few more days before I can actually go for a real run – but there might actually be a light at the end of the tunnel!!   The real question is; is my knee going to be good for a duathlon this next weekend?  I have been planning to race the Atomic Man Duathlon for the third year in a row and was planning on stepping up to the Fat Man distance with a 10k first run rather than a 5k.    Reality is setting in a bit (or is that just getting older…), so I do think I’ll bite the bullet and compete in the Little Boy distance for another year rather than stepping up to Fat man as I had intended.  A 10k may be a bit much so close to the injury and I don’t want to negatively affect my ability to race well in the Bolder Boulder.  Man, I want to go do some intervals at the track right now…

…so can I,  Spike?!

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