Too many good races

Sometimes it’s a real bummer being both a cyclist and a runner (or duathlete, aspiring triathlete, etc, etc).

This weekend for instance is the Platte River Half Marathon that has become a bit of a tradition in our family and it is also the Boulder Roubaix bike race that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while; both on Sunday and both I want to do; but I’m actually trained for the Platte Half and not so much for the Boulder Roubaix.  At least I’ll get some Boulder Roubaix fix as I’ll be volunteering there after completing the Platte River Half.

Then memorial day weekend had the Bolder Boulder (10k running race), which is also become a tradition in our family and now the same weekend is the revival of the Morgul-Bismark race from the days of the Red Zinger and Coors Classic (as well as made famous by American Flyers).  Its now the Superior Morgul Classic and is Friday-Sunday.  While it is concievable that I could race the classic and still run the Bolder Boulder as the days don’t overlap; I’d actually like to be able to do well and my fitness isn’t quite up to snuff to do two main races two days in a row yet….goal for down the road maybe…

Those are just two instances, there are many many more.  Before this is taken fully as a complaint, it’s really more of an acknowledgment of how awesome it is that I have access to so many activities that I’m interested in.  I could live in a place that never has races and I have to drive hours on end if I want to participate.  Living between Denver and Boulder puts me in a position where there is literally a plethora of races and events for all.  Now that it’s spring time, there are multiple running races  and cycling races every weekend, both road and trail, and soon  duathlon and triathlon season will start up as well.  Then as it gets colder cyclocross season and snowshoe season followed by skiing/cross country season will start up.  There is always velodrome access for cycling and running races happen all times of the year.  Outside of competition, the availability of places to go hiking, backpacking, running, cycling, climbing, etc, etc are nearly endless!

Just need to increase the fitness to be able to partake in more of them!

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