Colorado Cross Classic Race Report

It was a great race today at Boulder reservoir for the Colorado Classic Cross race! The 35+ Cat4 field was sold out as usual, so there was a lot of good competition. I have figured out how to ride sand this year so I was really looking forward to this course.

On the first […]

It is what it is…and it’s mostly good

This weekend was a series of ups and downs.

Friday afternoon, quite a few of us from Blue Sky Velo Club took the afternoon off and helped set up the course for the Blue Sky Velo Cup cyclocross race. This is always one of the highlights of the CX season for me as I love […]

Frisco Cross

This weekend was the Frisco Cross cyclocross race – I hadn’t planned on racing in this race, but with the way the leaves were changing and the fact that we hadn’t been up to the Breckenridge area for years; we decided to head on up.

The scenery for the race was great! (will add a […]

Dear Starbucks, it’s definitely you

I’m leaving you Starbucks. I can’t even say the standard ” don’t take it personal, it’s me, not you” line either, as it’s definitely you. I used to enjoy the occasional jolt of caffeine provided by a visit to you. These days though, either your coffee has changed quite a bit, or as I’m eating […]