Dear Starbucks, it’s definitely you

I’m leaving you Starbucks.
I can’t even  say the standard ” don’t take it personal, it’s me, not you” line either, as it’s definitely you.  I used to enjoy the occasional jolt of caffeine provided by a visit to you. These days though, either your coffee has changed quite a bit, or as I’m eating cleaner, I’m actually fully tasting your coffee.  Rather than a good cup of flavorful coffee (generally espresso) with some whipped up milk and chocolate (mochas area a weak point); I’m getting a massively over sweetened cup of Hersey’s syrup with some milk and hints of coffee added.  Worse yet; the headache!  For what ever reason, every time I get a coffee drink from you, especially a mocha, I get a massive headache that takes hours to get rid of and lately a bit of gut rot as well.

I’ll admit I have found others – several small local shops with very good coffee beans and well trained baristas that can pull a delectable espresso, then perfectly tend to the milk and then mix in some real chocolate, not some high chemical liquid made to taste like chocolate, but actual real chocolate!No added sweetening needed.  Ah, that’s what coffee is supposed to taste like!  I can now see why so many think coffee is bad; while good coffee can be a divine drink, even mediocre coffee is horrible.

Today was the last straw;  I had an all morning meeting and free starbucks was offered, so I figured- it’s free, heck yea, I’ll take a mocha!….ugh, now I sit here with a splitting headache and a gut that is doing backflips wondering why the heck I did that. I knew better, and have even advised others as of late, however the pull is strong (hats off to massively effective marketing).
Next time I’ll stick with a chai or tea as those seem to still be on the good side; though opting for water would probably be best.

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