Frisco Cross

This weekend was the Frisco Cross cyclocross race – I hadn’t planned on racing in this race, but with the way the leaves were changing and the fact that we hadn’t been up to the Breckenridge area for years; we decided to head on up.

The scenery for the race was great! (will add a gallery with pictures soon). The race was fun, but brutal too. The start of the race was up a long paved hill that was ~150yrds too long for me as I hit the wall heading up it. Luckily right after the climb was a very sweet downhill section on wood chips that was a dream to ride. I think I was going well above 30mph each time I went down it and was grinning ear to ear as I was cranking the power out and railing the corners; I think that downhill section was the only reason I pushed it up the hill on each lap.
After that downhill though it was a lot of tough technical and energy sapping sections. For some reason, I managed to forget how to ride sand for the first 3 of 5 laps and wasted a lot of energy. At the end I was too hypoxic to remember to check out the results, so I have no idea where I ended up.

After the race, I met back up with my family and some friends that happened to be staying up in the area for the weekend; it was quite nice getting to hang out with them for a bit. We all decided to wait it out for the kids race to start as Tana was super excited for it. In the mean time, I partook of some of the free beer for racers along with the rest of my recovery food and liquids.  After a couple hours, our friends had to take off, which as Murphy would have it, meant the race started right after they left.  A couple bits of a chocolate bar later and Tana was off and tearing up the course with a huge grin.  She handled lugging her push bike over the log barrier pretty well too!

Once Tana had her race – all bazillion laps of it (she wanted to have a very good warm up and then didn’t quite want to stop), we all headed back to the car for some lunch and then the trek home.  Right as we were leaving Frisco, a not so welcome thing happened – my HAPE started to go into effect. HAPE is, High Altitude Pulmonary Edema, and really not pleasant.  I first had it several years ago while backpacking after I had pushed it really hard to get to camp before a storm hit while carrying a pack that was way too heavy.   We got snowed in and while we were hunkered down, I had some scotch with some hot coco and then it hit.  Long story short, after not sleeping and somehow not dying, we made it out about 30hrs later.
Luckily it was a short bout this time, as we started towards Georgetown on the other side of the Eisenhower tunnel, it started going away.  A not so genital reminder that for me at least – hard strenuous activity above 9000ft and alcohol do not mix well.

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