Of Steel

True bike frame builders are artisans that can transform parts and pieces into a thing of beauty. A hand crafted frame has it’s own energy and vibration that is unlike any other frame out there. I’m not sure if the energy is of the frame itself, put into it by the builder as it is […]

Yearning for my College Days

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get some things from college out of my veins?

Now that it’s full fledged fall here in Colorado complete with a snow fall today, the overcast, wet, and nippy air has me excited for many reasons. One of the biggest pulls though is to hang out with […]

Schoolyard Cross ’10

This past Saturday was the Schoolyard cyclocross race at Boulder reservoir. I had actually thought about skipping races this weekend after having the crud I’d somewhat had for the past several weeks really hit after last Sunday’s race. However, by Wednesday I was feeling ok and by Thursday I was itching to get out again, […]

Boulder Cup Cyclocross Race 2010

The final run up

This past weekend was a double dip race weekend – the Colorado Cross Classic on Saturday and then the Boulder Cup race on Sunday. I had registered for the double months ago and had planned on doing at least one other double weekend to prep for it before the actual […]