Yearning for my College Days

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get some things from college out of my veins?

Now that it’s full fledged fall here in Colorado complete with a snow fall today, the overcast, wet, and nippy air has me excited for many reasons.  One of the biggest pulls though is to hang out with good friends listening to chill music and talking/ BS’n into the wee morning hours with studying interspersed (yes, I actually miss studying in a twisted way).  Sometimes over a good beer, a good cup of coffee or just hot chocolate / cider; others with nothing special to drink,  just appreciating a great sound system.   These weren’t the parties, planned or random – those I do miss, but the discussions where we talked about life, spirituality, religion, women, cars, travel, etc were really the great ones.  It may have been 2-3 of us in a study room, general area, on the roof, on the side of a mountain or 15 of us in various areas – the key always being great camaraderie and respect for each other.

I look back on those times quite fondly, almost with reverence, as much of what was discussed in one way or another very much shaped much of my thinking today.  There is just something about great music, great friends, and “nasty” weather that led to some of the most memorable times.

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