Cancer Sucks

Yes, it should be pretty self evident these days, cancer sucks. The body literally attacking itself and destroying the living tissue while the inhabitant of the body tries to stay alive. I’ve known and do know many people with cancer, but right now I seriously want to be able to personalize at least one cancer […]

Free your heel and free your mind…

Last week I took my oldest daughter up for a ski day (thank you Dad!). She is still in the learning phase, so she had an all day lesson and was so excited about it she pretty much bounced in her seat all the way up to the ski hill. I love her enthusiasm for learning! As I was looking at the cost of tickets for myself, I realized a “never ever” for telemark, including a full day ticket, full rentals, and all day lesson was barely more than a standard ticket. I’ve been saying for years that I was going to start tele skiing, so why not? […]