I started out this year with several clear goals in mind and then sat down and worked out my plan for how to get from point A to B.  The fitness / racing goals were the easy ones; PR at Platte River Half marathon and Bolder Boulder, win the <39 clydes category in Mile Hi Duathlon series (while trying to disqualify myself by dropping below 200lbs), race the Fat Man course at the Atomic Man Duathlon, get top 50% in 35+ cat4 with at >5 top 20 results in cyclocross this year, along with getting in some good trail running/mtn biking/camping in. I know what it takes to do all the above and more, and I mapped it out with all my peaks and training cycles along with specific focus points throughout the year.

The life goals and plans are still forming – building bike frames, going to law school, having my daughters education fully covered, getting debt free, living even simpler (less clutter, less stress, etc). Ok, goals here are also semi easy – the plan for A to B  is a whole lot more complicated than the fitness goals though.

As the plans were forming, it was looking like all was going to be doable with a good bit of diligence and a lot of effort.

As the saying goes about the best laid plans….the plans are requiring a bit of a reassessment – the life plans and goals need focus; however the fitness/racing goals need change. I need my exercise routine and races to be a form of enjoyment and be a stress relief – not add to the stress. The structure of training is actually comforting as its something that I can look at the calendar and just do without thinking; however to hit goals, I need to be strict on my training, not skip, not overdo, and push myself even when I don’t want to; that adds stress.  The training stress would normally be a piece of cake to handle, but not through the next couple of months. The last thing I need to do is push it too hard and end up in adrenal fatigue again or go until I have a break down. Sometimes you have to realize when to back down and step away for a bit and this is one of those times.

This year, or at least spring/summer, I’m removing the secondary “importance” that often seems primary, which is hitting the finishing tape first or at least in front of a number or imaginary adversary. I’m type A enough that I’ll probably still record and analyze many of the numbers and be pleased if they look good (I’m a data geek after all), however they will just be what they are, the pressure to perfectly time a peak (or peak at all) is gone for now. The passing on a beer, hanging out late with friends, or going camping on a whim because it might hurt my race or impact my training won’t happen as much as I know I need the social interaction and being with friends more than the monastic diligence of focused training.

This “season” is about the raw basics of enjoying being alive, cherishing every moment, and being blissfully aware – that is my goal and focus.

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