First full week of March 2012 summary

Things haven’t gone quite a planned since my last post as our family has been sick for the last 2 weeks with myself being sick since last Sunday (though I didn’t realize  or acknowledge it until the next day). Things are doing much better now, so I’m slowly crawling back out to join the athletically active again! Today I went wandering on some dirt trails on my CX bike and loved every minute of it (as well as finding some great new training grounds).

My weight is bouncing all over the place (which is pretty usual for me unless I am being very diligent about my hydration). I’m between 225lbs and 219lbs depending on the day and my scale is reading between 16% and 19% body fat. I’ve learned to take the reading on the scale as tool to judge overall trending and not an accurate number. I think I am realistically in the high 20% range and probably in the mid 30% range if I am to be really honest with myself. I’ll do a 12 point skin fold (caliper) measurement soon and that will tell me much better. I may even put a “current” weight counter on the right bar to further keep me thinking about making correct choices. My food intake is actually very healthy for a “typical” mid thirties American, but I have been having more than my fair share of stress eating breakdowns as of late (ahem… 15+lbs weight gain of pure fat in Nov-Jan ).

I’m trying a To attach a weekly workout summary to my posts like this from TrainingPeaks, it seems to work, but I’m not sure if I will keep it up or not as I have a feeling it won’t be static as I would like. I may just have to rely on good ol manual entry – the horror!.




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