Quick update

I’m way behind on my updates here; very sorry about that.

The really quick synopsis is that I am not superman.

The slightly longer version is about 6 weeks ago I twisted my ankle pretty well playing soccer and I wasn’t able to run on it until this last weekend. To top it off, I dislocated my right clavicle while lifting (really weird military press machine, will never use again ! ) about a month ago. So my running and lifting have taken a back seat all this time. The dislocation and ankle put me on the sidelines for riding my bike for a bit as well as several weeks of restless sleep – All that adds up to nearly zero weight fat loss and barely any fitness gained in the last two months. Frustrating to say the least!

All that is somewhat behind me as I am cycling ~5 days a week and am running again as well. I’m holding off on the lifting until my PT starts on the 30th – apparently everyone else is getting injured as that was the soonest I could get in…

Hopefully I’ll get the format of the blog fixed up this coming weekend as well.

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