Figuring a few things out

I’m finally getting some fitness back! My right arm is still half useless for chores, but otherwise my legs and lungs are getting much better as I can run and bike ride again. In recent history, every time I tried to attack a hill on my bike, I felt like I was about to have […]

Quick update

I’m way behind on my updates here; very sorry about that.

The really quick synopsis is that I am not superman.

The slightly longer version is about 6 weeks ago I twisted my ankle pretty well playing soccer and I wasn’t able to run on it until this last weekend. To top it off, I […]

Getting back up to date

I have posts written for Bolder Boulder and Big Sky along with another one or two in the works. Life has been busy lately, sorry about dropping off for a bit.


I started out this year with several clear goals in mind and then sat down and worked out my plan for how to get from point A to B. The fitness / racing goals were the easy ones; PR at Platte River Half marathon and Bolder Boulder, win the <39 clydes category in Mile Hi […]

Cancer Sucks

Yes, it should be pretty self evident these days, cancer sucks. The body literally attacking itself and destroying the living tissue while the inhabitant of the body tries to stay alive. I’ve known and do know many people with cancer, but right now I seriously want to be able to personalize at least one cancer […]

Of Steel

True bike frame builders are artisans that can transform parts and pieces into a thing of beauty. A hand crafted frame has it’s own energy and vibration that is unlike any other frame out there. I’m not sure if the energy is of the frame itself, put into it by the builder as it is […]

Yearning for my College Days

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get some things from college out of my veins?

Now that it’s full fledged fall here in Colorado complete with a snow fall today, the overcast, wet, and nippy air has me excited for many reasons. One of the biggest pulls though is to hang out with […]

Dear Starbucks, it’s definitely you

I’m leaving you Starbucks. I can’t even say the standard ” don’t take it personal, it’s me, not you” line either, as it’s definitely you. I used to enjoy the occasional jolt of caffeine provided by a visit to you. These days though, either your coffee has changed quite a bit, or as I’m eating […]