Today’s run

This isn’t quite my normal style, but sums up my run well as it happened; figured I’d leave it in raw form this time.

Today’s run:

snow rolling in – muting all sounds to just feet striking and breathing

turn off the concrete and start heading down the trail

snow turning everything white

only sounds […]

Figuring a few things out

I’m finally getting some fitness back! My right arm is still half useless for chores, but otherwise my legs and lungs are getting much better as I can run and bike ride again. In recent history, every time I tried to attack a hill on my bike, I felt like I was about to have […]

A year since my mom freed herself

A year ago today, at about the time that I am starting to write this, my mom’s body shut down. She had a great life, though shorter than we would have liked, that ended with many years of dictating the terms she could with her battle with cancer. I hesitate to say that she died […]

First full week of March 2012 summary

Things haven’t gone quite a planned since my last post as our family has been sick for the last 2 weeks with myself being sick since last Sunday (though I didn’t realize or acknowledge it until the next day). Things are doing much better now, so I’m slowly crawling back out to join the athletically […]

I’m back!

After much too long of a hiatus, I am back.

This last year ended up being a bit of a lost year as far as many things go. Life didn’t exactly go as planned in some ways and I got a bit down; good ol poor me attitude in many ways. It wasn’t all bad […]

The Weekend

This weekend was a “girls weekend” for my wife, which meant I got to play single daddy to my two girls.

It started out Friday evening with being late to my kid’s dance class, followed by a tantrum due to my choice in dinner. The next morning, I was late to my cyclocross race where […]

The Simple things

Sometimes it’s the really simple things that get to you.

Today I did what should have been a very simple and easy thing to do: I was cleaning up my contacts list. I have a group for personal contacts that is then broken down into another couple categories; a group for business contacts with its […]

Paula Schreiber Dransfield 1942 – 2011

Well, today my mom told Cancer that she had had enough and to piss off…


I started out this year with several clear goals in mind and then sat down and worked out my plan for how to get from point A to B. The fitness / racing goals were the easy ones; PR at Platte River Half marathon and Bolder Boulder, win the <39 clydes category in Mile Hi […]