Barking Dog 2011

The Barking Dog Duathlon is usually one of my favorite races of the year, partially because of the location and also because I tend to do well at it. This year the weather was great! In the past it has been one of the colder races with lots of wind and or rain, but today […]

Atomic Man 2011

This race was a real surprise for me. I had no idea what to expect in this race; the bike leg was much farther than I have gone in training with any effort above very low base pace, however I had a good Platte Half and ran a 5k last week at a pretty good […]

Spring and mid summer update part 1

Wholly moly its been too long since an update, I’ll break a catch up into two (or more) parts so as to not overload you. Then I will get a couple more current posts up as well that I’ve been working on…

The good news is that I’m running again and the knee seems 100% […]