Today’s run

This isn’t quite my normal style, but sums up my run well as it happened; figured I’d leave it in raw form this time.

Today’s run:

snow rolling in – muting all sounds to just feet striking and breathing

turn off the concrete and start heading down the trail

snow turning everything white

only sounds […]

Platte River Half Marathon 2011

I’m still amazed at how well I did in this race. I honestly was semi worried that I’d completely bonk and get my worst time yet on the race. The past three months has been lackluster for training to say the least – high stress, lack of sleep, emotionally draining, not eating right, imbibing a […]

Platte River Half Marathon 2010 race

This year’s Platte River Half Marathon went great! On the ride down, Hill and I were feeling good and looking forward to the day’s adventures.

We got to the start area and got a spot in our “secret” parking spot at a perfect time, as there was nearly no one there, and 10min later […]

Official Start to Race Season

Tomorrow is the Platte River Half Marathon and it will be the second time I’ve run it. Last year was just to prove to myself that I could do it; I had no idea I’d actually enjoy it! The warnings that I had been given about endurance running being addictive were true. I still am […]