With some things I have learned a great deal of patience, with others not so much. In the area of physical exercise, I have nearly zero patience; not absolute zero as I have learned some after multiple ankle sprains that took months to heal, destroying my right shoulder in intramural “touch” football and then blowing […]

Platte River Half Marathon 2010 race

This year’s Platte River Half Marathon went great! On the ride down, Hill and I were feeling good and looking forward to the day’s adventures.

We got to the start area and got a spot in our “secret” parking spot at a perfect time, as there was nearly no one there, and 10min later […]

Official Start to Race Season

Tomorrow is the Platte River Half Marathon and it will be the second time I’ve run it. Last year was just to prove to myself that I could do it; I had no idea I’d actually enjoy it! The warnings that I had been given about endurance running being addictive were true. I still am […]

Too many good races

Sometimes it’s a real bummer being both a cyclist and a runner (or duathlete, aspiring triathlete, etc, etc).

This weekend for instance is the Platte River Half Marathon that has become a bit of a tradition in our family and it is also the Boulder Roubaix bike race that I’ve been wanting to do for […]